Being a mum and a professional

Combining work with motherhood is enormously challenging as many workplaces are only just coming around to flexible work practices. 

Mums want to give their kids their time, love and attention, but they also want to be great role models, provide financially and maintain their careers that they have worked long and hard for. 

The goal is to raise well-rounded kids and there is no perfect formula for this as all kids have different needs. Some kids will thrive at daycare, pre-school and school, while other prefer one-on-one time with mum. 

Many women are burdened by guilt; guilt that they are not doing anything well. They can’t be there 100 per cent for their kids because work distracts them, and vice versa. 

Throw in sickness, a global pandemic, behavioural issues and working from home while trying to homeschool and you have a recipe for extreme stress. 

I can help working mums with strategies to help themselves first and become an example of the change that we want to see in others.
Do you need help balancing work with motherhood? Get in touch here.

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