Cultural values

Cultural values impact the relationship parents have with their kids in lots of subtle – and not-so-subtle – ways. 

I was born and grew up in India and there is a big difference between Indian cultural values and Australian ones. Parenting children who are Australian born and raised can present real challenges. 

When kids start school, they learn different ways of talking and behaving. The learn a different vocabulary, learn to speak differently and come home talking about things like sex; something that is totally unheard of in India. There can also be shifts in the amount of respect they show their parents and family members. This can cause huge amounts of tension in the family because parents feel that they lost control over the situation and their children.

I can help bridge this cultural gap by creating awareness, acceptance and helping parents find the right balance in the situation.

What’s good for the kids is their happiness; not our happiness as parents. What makes kids happy can’t be dictated by our rules.

I teach parents how to accept their children and be a friend to them. We all want open communication with our kids and I help you to establish this. 

I have lived in four different countries so I understand different cultures, especially when it comes to understanding the interplay of Indian culture with other cultures. I understand the dilemma, as well as the psyche of parents and their children. 

Having brought up two amazing kids with loads of challenges along the way, I can share simple steps to overcome the overwhelm a clash of cultural values can create.

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