How can you get your partner to help out more

One of the key sources of friction amongst couples is the division of labour when it comes to unpaid domestic chores, kids’ activities and caring for family members.

Housework, running around to kids’ sports and caring for elderly parents are all everyday things but problems arise when the burden falls squarely on one person’s shoulders. 

In many couples, both people work, but even when there is one main breadwinner and one stay-at-home parent, there still needs to be a negotiation around domestic duties. 

What happens when one partner doesn’t help out enough is that the other partner becomes increasingly exhausted, angry, frustrated, stressed and resentful. It can even lead to depression, with one person left feeling completely unsupported. 

If that unsupported party is you, how can you get your partner to help out more?

The key to asking for – and getting – more help is loving communication. Yelling and screaming generally won’t create the desired result. It only creates more distance and alienation between partners. 

A loving conversation where things are discussed in a reasonable and rational manner is much more likely to yield positive results. 

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