How to have a happy family

Q: What is the secret to a happy family?

A: The secret of a happy family is good communication and being in a happy place ourselves. 

Many parents are exhausted. They try to be all things to all people and find that they have nothing left for themselves. Then they wonder why they’re miserable.

If you want to have a happy family, you need to be happy within yourself. Self-care, self-love and things like morning rituals that set you up for the day can create a foundation for your own happiness, which then supports the happiness of your whole family. 

Q: Can you fix an unhappy family?

A: Yes, but first you need to fix yourself. Each individual within the family contributes to the dynamic of that family. Emotions are contagious.

It’s worth remembering that the overriding culture of the family is created by the parents so they have the most impact on how their children will experience family life. The best way to fix an unhappy family is to explore where the unhappiness is coming from – especially if the parents are unhappy – and find ways to work through that to create more peace and comfort for everyone.

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