The benefits of making your children citizens of the world

By helping your children become citizens of the world, you are ensuring that they can survive anywhere. You are helping build their capacity to take leadership roles and contribute to society.

Adopting different cultures, at the same time as appreciating your own culture, is a balancing act that can take a lifetime to master.

One way that parents can contribute to this mindset in their children is by setting an example of giving back to the community, being empathetic and sensitive towards others needs. By being a leader yourself and contributing to the world – helping others and doing our bit to help the community – you are setting your kids up for success.

Accepting everyone the way they are, being an example of the change you are hoping to instill in your children, and being grounded and not reactive are all excellent ways of fostering a ‘citizen of the world’ attitude in your children. 

There is a huge benefit to making this effort. You will raise kids who are confident leaders, and who not only take good care of themselves – they take care of others inside and outside of their world.

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