Why your mindset matters

Your mindset is a set of beliefs that make you the person you are today. Mindset shapes how you see the world, as well as how you think and react to situations.

A lot of us know, deep down, that we deserve more or could achieve more if we didn’t have a negative attitude towards achieving goals.

So how can we become unstuck?

Changing your mindset can help you transform your career, life and relationships in order to achieve more and succeed.

The first step in changing your mindset is identifying your limiting beliefs and understanding how they control you. 

The next step is understanding how your mindset was formed. 

Upbringing, role models, fear of failure and the way we speak to ourselves all have an impact. Our beliefs are often formed in childhood and continue to impact us well into adulthood even though the circumstances of our life have changed enormously.

Beliefs in our subconscious mind drive us and it’s important to understand that our subconscious mind has one overriding priority: to keep us safe. Hence, the limiting nature of thoughts around anything that involves risk.

Improving your mindset is about becoming aware of your limiting beliefs, observing them and bringing them to your conscious mind, and then reframing the thoughts that arise from them. 

It’s about taking ‘I can’t’ to ‘I am learning to’, ‘Impossible’ to ‘I will try my best’ and’ I should’ to ‘I choose to’.
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