I am a strategic intervention life coach. My techniques involve NLP, Yoga & Meditation. Here are some of my testimonials.

Hema’s soft nature and demeanour is a reflection of her care & commitment to every individual matter she attends. Her sense of nurturing and the spiritual compassion and understanding with which she deals with people reflects in her one to one approach and deals with her unique coaching style of giving the comfort and cushioning her clients so crave and look for . Personally as a friend and now my coach she has always brought in a new perspective to understand , grasp and relate to our day to day existence and challenges which we all have in some way or the other . Extremely indebted with gratitude and Hema’s coaching style and sensitivity is just so comforting and powerful filled with only positivity . I wish you the very best and indeed every person who will be coached by you will only have a sense of good well being and more 💕I strongly recommend you to one and all who would like to take another step and perspective on their own understanding of life and more . 💕

Renuka Mukherjee
Hema is a loving and caring human being, with a big gentle heart and great intuition. She softly but powerfully helped me calm and focus. Very understanding and respectful. Our session was a very soothing experience for me. Thank you Hema. <3
Marina T
I have had coaching sessions with Coach Hema and every time she immediately picked up what my issues were and I notice she has a deep understanding of human nature. Her insight and step by step coaching has helped me in my relationship with my son. She immediately understood and pointed out that it was me; my approach was wrong. I have adopted her coaching and I am happy.
Thank you so much Hema.
Zubeda Mohamed
Zubeda Mohamed